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What to do if you end up on the Yandex Blacklist

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Yandex is a russian international corporation specializing in internet services and products. It is incorporated in the Netherlands and primary used by the public in Russia.

Yandex is ranked as the 4th largest search engine in the world. Yandex’s main competitors on the Russian market are Google, Mail.ru, and Rambler.

Yandex Safe Browsing

Yandex Safe Browsing verifies whether the website has malicious software or other security threats. Website owners are often unaware of the malicious software on their sites.

Viruses can attack the site after a break or failure in the site administrative options. Yandex helps website owners solve problems that can damage the security and reputation of their site.

Example of a secure site:

yandex blacklist

There are three ways in which Yandex punishes unsafe websites:

  1. If Yandex detects a malicious code or if it considers the site to be undesirable, it can hurt website ranking.
  2. Every user can see a warning that the site isn’t safe.
  3. The site may be completely excluded from the SERP- put on a Yandex Blacklist.

Yandex Warning

A very unpleasant experience for your visitors is seeing the Yandex warning on your website.

A visitor or buyer will see the Yandex Warning that shows that browsing site has security issues or violates Yandex search engine rules.

You can see the warning for unsafe payments in the picture below:

Yandex Blacklist

One of the worst things that may happen to you if you have your own website is definitely being blacklisted.

You will lose visitors and potential clients if you have a webshop.

Your blacklisted website is visible on the “Information from third-party trusted sources” tab.

Here you can find the exact reason why. You can click on the “source” link to visit a site that specifically explains your problem- reason why you are in blacklist.

 yandex blacklist

The most common reasons to end up on a Yandex blacklist

  1. An attempt to infiltrate an unknown person through strange or unknown codes.
  2. The code does not match the backup or the control system version.
  3. Unreadable and unstructured code.
  4. The dates when the file was changed match the infection information- the parameter is not trusted.
  5. Functions that are typical for malicious code.

How to clean your site ?

yandex blacklist

The first step is to check the possible causes of the infection.
The most common reason are stolen passwords which are used by third parties to put in their malicious code in your site.

You need to:

  • sign in here to see a list of infected pages, explanations and dates
  • stop the web server in order to protect the visitors
  • bring back the backup copy
  • update all programs
  • try to find all the irregularities on the page
  • find and remove the malicious code.

Scanning the website

If Yandex doesn’t detect the malicious code the next time when it checks website, Yandex will no longer show your page as a threat. In that case, the site will no longer be on the blacklist.

If you think your site is clean and you don’t want to wait to next Yandex checkout, you can speed up the process, by sending a request out-of-turn checking at https://webmaster.yandex.com/.

After downloading a blacklisted page, you have the ability, through several tools, to check if the page is really clean.

We suggest the following: https://www.virustotal.com. On this page you can enter and scan your URL. If the webpage is clean it will be marked with a checkmark and it will stand like clean.

We highly recommend you to check the files and code regularly in the following weeks after the threat was detected, in case the vulnerability is not resolved or the hackers still have access to the site.


A safe website means more visitors and more clients. We recommend to keep your website safe and get it verified. If you need help with the verification process or with making your website a safe place, feel free to contact us.


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