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Special features of website creation in Switzerland

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Each one differs culturally from other countries. This can be seen in language, behavior, specialties, architecture, tradition, etc.

During the time of Digital Transformation, it can also be seen online. A culture differs in how much time people spend online, on what platforms, what social media chadnnels they use, how they communicate with the comments.

In addition, a culture can also be distinguished by its website creation. As a Swiss company, we will talk in this article about special features when creating a Swiss website.

Web Design

We can compare web design in a culture with architecture. Diverse cultures prefer different web design. The design developed in Switzerland, known as swiss design, has a long history. It evolved in a simpler time, without computer and online marketing. Its capture dates it at the beginning of the 20th century.


You can recognize the swiss design by its simple geometric elements. Text is applied, mostly left justified, right jagged. Fonts selected for the text are sans serif, a typeface believed by early movement designers to be “an expression of the spirit of a more advanced age.”

Objective photography is another design element that should present information clearly and without the convincing influence of propaganda or commercial advertising.

Such a strong focus on order and clarity is drawn from early pioneers of the movement who believe that design is a socially useful and important activity … designers do not define their roles as artists, but as objective channels for disseminating valuable information between them Sharing the society. It is important to know that Switzerland was not the only country with this design access.

website creation


This simplicity can also be seen in web design. Websites have evolved from the poster. Actually, the famous flat design has evolved from swiss design.The letters are large, with simple font, although they can occur in different colors.

In the background or on the homepage are actually no pictures, if they are, they are not photos, more graphics or caricatures. The background color is usually white, or some other soft color that complements the letter. Here you can see examples of websites that used swiss design as inspiration for web design.

Internet users

In 2017, Switzerland had more than 7 million Internet users. The question is, is the way the Swiss spend their time online different from other countries?

95% of the residents used internet daily.

In e-commerce it is interesting to see more men than women shopping online. In Europe they are in second place, the countries in online shopping. Most of them buy clothes, tickets, and reserve vacation destinations.

What about social media?

Social media is also more popular among the young population. One difference in comparison to the US is that Twitter is not so popular. But that is also to be seen in the other parts of Europe. In addition, the Swiss regularly use WhatsApp, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, …

An interesting observation is the way they use it. Compared to other countries, the Swiss are more online observers than active users. They follow the latest trends and news, see what’s going on with their friends, colleagues or co-workers, but do not publish that much.

In Switzerland, the fear of sharing personal information with others is still easy to detect. Therefore, we will do a detailed analysis online user before how to make a marketing campaign and develop the strategy. Social Media plays a key role when you create a website. This will allow you to get more visitors and stay in communication with you.


When you create a website, you should always get to know your visitors. This also applies to Switzerland, it is important to understand the culture of the people.

Not everyone spends their time online the same way. More importantly, not all have the same perception and understanding of different images and messages. 

If you’re creating a website, and you need help tweaking the communication to your potential visitor, contact us! We will do an analysis and create the appropriate strategy.


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