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Discover information about what holds your business back

You’ve had your website for some time now, you’re publishing content, sharing on Facebook and getting some sales.

Your business is doing okay, but you suspect you could be doing a lot better – but you don’t know what exactly is holding you back.

If this is the case, it’s probably a good time to do a website audit.

A website audit will determine if your website is optimized to achieve your goals or not, and how you can improve its performance.

It’s a full analysis of everything related to your website’s visibility on the search engines.

Benefits of a website audit:
  • Boosting positions on Google search results. By checking your website content SEO (search engine optimization) compatibility and fixing minor content and technical issues, your website will start ranking higher on Google SERP and attract more visitors.

  • SEO check that we conduct is a basis for all other evaluations and it also includes competition research for better understanding on what needs to be improved for your website. We use advanced tools to determine how many users approximately does your competitor have and where do they come from.

  • User experience report. Using user’s behavior recordings and heatmaps we will be able to tell what part of your content users like the most, how easily users navigate through your website and if you need a redesign of your website.
  • Conversion rate optimization. After user experience report, we will be able to determine what needs to be improved in order to get more conversions. Then we can conduct A/B tests with different website element variants to test which variants bring better conversion results.

Auditing your website is a crucial part of analysis your performance, and this is where our auditing experience can help you.

Aside from website audits, we can also help you with e-commerce audits. Conducting an e-commerce audit is similar to a regular website audit, except for the fact that it involves more analysis about usability, products, buying cycles and other parameters related to e-commerce.

We can track all these stats and metrics from your web shop and then analyze them.

Doing web shop audits will increase sales from both new (increased number of website users) and existing customers (website optimized for better conversion rate) because optimizing existing content will attract more new users as well as their engagement with your web shop.

We will analyze all aspects of your website and provide suggestions on how to improve rankings, traffic and conversions your website generates.