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Webshop Development

Start your sales process on the web

Creating a successful webshop is a pretty complex task. It all begins with highly detailed research to determine who your future users will be, so we can optimize the webshop according to their needs.

In order to that, we have to be familiar with their traits and habits:

  • what languages do they speak,
  • which currency forms they expected to be available in the webshop,
  • which forms of payments they expect,
  • whether you should provide the option to pay in installments,
  • do they expect free delivery to be included in the offer,
  • how fast do they expect the product to be delivered,
  • which information they require before they buy something.

Aside from buying habits, it’s also important to define what kind of social proof you have to use on your webshop to persuade the users that everything you offer is really available and that the products are of the highest quality.

A good example of social proof is user testimonials and recommendations for your product:

  • comments about your product where users can say if they liked the product or not,
  • Google business and Facebook comments,
  • and in certain cases, comments from TripAdvisor.

We design the webshops in a way to steer the users towards the desired action – purchase. This kind of webshop design enables you even faster return on investment and higher conversion rates compared to the webshops who are designed in a classical way.

The advanced modules for your webshop include direct linking to your supplier’s ERPs, so you can automatically update the status of your webshop inventory. We also connect the webshop to your own ERP system up to the level you want to.

The web shop can be adapted entirely to your intermediaries, so it’s easy to create a webshop with discount policies adjusted to the policies of your intermediaries.