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Web Shop Development Customer Journey

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1. Why is hosting important for your shop?

Without hosting, your web shop would not have its “place” on the Internet. Hosting size is chosen according to the volume of content / products / services you will have on your web shop.

2. How important is it to know your own audience?

Defining a targeted audience is of significant importance because when we know who your target audience is, the web shop can fully adapt to their needs. Also, defining a targeted audience is essential because we know in which language we will make a web shop (English, German, …) and which currencies we will set up.

3.What does the web shop design process look like?

Defining the web design of your web shop is a process that takes place in cooperation with you. From us you will get a design proposal that we think is best for your web shop. Our designers will take care of you if you want more than one design example and you will be able to choose which one you like best on the basis of the offer.

4. What does the content creation process look like?

If you do not have content ready, we’ll make it for you. For this we need all the information about your business and web shop that you can give us. From Company Information, Employees, History, Product Descriptions, Services, Sales Regions, etc. All content created before publishing is required to be approved.

5. How do I know which payment gateway to choose?

Payment gateway allows you to pay with credit cards on your web shop. Choosing a payment gateway depends on the country where you operate and your target audience. For more information, read our article about the payment gateway.


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