power of social media

The power of social media as a platform

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Before we mention why the power of social media as a platform is excellent for distributing marketing content, we will explain what is meant by distribution.

What exactly is being distributed?

As entrepreneur, we need to lead people to our content, so they can read it because it would not happen by itself. We must guide them through thousands of messages that they see and hear every day.

We can:

  • use direct marketing techniques to place our content right in front of our audience, or
  • we can use search engine marketing to help us find our content more easily.

In both ways we can use the social media. On the one hand, we can reach our fans and subscribers through the direct connection and expand our network. Secondly, by using keywords in our posts, we can help people find us better.

We must present the content as a bridge between us as a company and the users. For the users, the content serves as an answer to your questions in the search. For the company, the content serves as sources of information of the business.

Our content should always be displayed when users search for it. So we need to know what tools we need to use to make sure our content appears in the search results. The content should therefore be close to the user.

power of social media

The most important social media channels

Facebook Business Page

Having a Facebook Business Page is not a nice addition to your website – it’s a necessity. After all, visiting a Facebook page is often the first thing potential customers do when examining a brand.

In this way, you can connect with your audience and give a good first impression. According to the latest statistics, Facebook has over 2 billion active users and around 65 million businesses have their pages on Facebook. These numbers alone show that setting up a Facebook Business Page and using it as a channel to reach your target audience is a great idea.


When you consider how to increase your participation in Pinterest, you need to think about your ideal customer.Create a list of words to search for your business or product. Remember, we as professionals occasionally use technical terms that our users would not necessarily use.

Pinterest is a search tool in which the texts play a key role, for the number of visitors, etc. Make sure your boards make sense. Eating and drinking are the biggest categories on Pinterest, but if you are Working with web design does not make sense to post recipes and the like.

Remember, your Pinterest profile should not be about yourself, always refer to your company and adapt to your visitors. You will achieve this by designing your pin boards so that your posts are interesting and useful to the visitors.


When experimenting with diverse types of content, you can determine your strategy for Instagram. The most important thing is to see how your followers respond to specific content. Once you see how they react to the content, you will know how to proceed and how not to.

Visual communication is very important on the web and Instagram is the perfect example of a platform that is all about visual communication. It’s important to invest some time to find a way on Instagram that will help you achieve your goals in the way that suits you best.

The type of strategy you use on Instagram will help determine if and how your profile unfolds. Regardless of what you’re promoting, here are some tips on how to get people on your Instagram profile.


LinkedIn is perfect for companies that want to keep their communications professional and for those who want to reach experts in their field. On LinkedIn you have the option to distribute content. These can be infographics, articles, statistics, etc.

LinkedIn is also a platform that allows you to keep an eye on your competition. On the other hand, you can also learn new tips and techniques if you have expert guides.

You also have the option to create Ads. This will make it easier for you to promote your company and reach the right audience in the right time.


Google + offers similar possibilities as other social media platforms. You can distribute contributions and be closer to your customer. But the special advantage of G + are the groups.

You can join different groups:

  • public and
  • private.

In public groups are mostly the customers and visitors who want to address you. They are looking for information on topics of interest. Or they are looking for information about services and products they are interested in.

In closed groups you can find experts or colleagues. These groups serve as inspirations and for learning.


Twitter is all about direct communication with customers and visitors. Of course, you have the option to distribute content, but posts and comments are more important.

On Twitter, the audience is louder, one says more often his opinion, be it positive or negative. The most important thing for companies is that they try to respond to all comments. This applies to smaller and larger companies, Twitter is sometimes considered as customer service.

power of social media


Social media is an excellent place for content broadening as more and more people socialize on social media.As with anything you create for your business, a social media strategy should be adapted to your customer. How can you achieve that?

Do an analysis of your audience. Find out what your preferences are. Not only what they want to buy, but also what social media platforms they use, how often and what for.

You will be guaranteed to find your audience in one of the hundreds of social media channels available, and if you need help, feel free to contact us.


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