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SEO Marketing Strategies: 4 best methods for you to try

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After reading our SEO article  you are probably familiar with SEO process. In this article we will discuss SEO marketing strategies that will surely help you with your SEO efforts.

If you already optimized your website for Google SEO you will notice some results in ranking for optimized keywords but to improve your ranking furthermore you will need to continue with SEO marketing. This means that you will need to move on to more advanced techniques to improve your rankings for targeted keywords.

SEO Marketing

Firstly we need to separate two different topics: SEO marketing and Search engine marketing (SEM).SEO marketing involves all activities that are leading to getting ranked better in web search engines in natural results.

SEM or search engine marketing is paid form of advertising which results in getting listed in web search engine results as advertised website.

For example if you look at Google’s search engine results you can see the differences between those two:

SEO marketing

You can easily see the difference between paid and natural. Advertised websites shows up on first positions of results and have small icons “Ad” next to the link.

Advertised website is result of SEM (search engine marketing) while natural result is result of well SEO optimized website. After your website is optimized for targeted keywords it is time to continue with SEO marketing activities.Important activities to conduct:

  • SEO check – do short SEO check of your content before doing off-page SEO
  • Keyword analysis – choose keywords you wish to rank for and analyze metrics and stats for them
  • Competition analysis – analyze competition that is currently ranking for targeted keywords
  • Develop link building strategies – depending on your niche choose and develop link building strategy for your pages

After you finished with these activities you should be ready to start with link building.

Link building

seo marketing strategies

Link building is process of obtaining links from other websites that lead to your website. As a result web search engines will recognize your website as verified source of information and rank you higher on search results page.

This is why we strongly recommend to do finish your preparations as described above before starting with link building.Link building strategy depends on the niche that your website is in. Make sure your content is high-quality and interesting for readers.

That way you have higher chances that your content will be linked on other websites. Having bad content will make whole link building process a lot harder so always check quality on your content. Quality written content is both informative and understandable to average readers.

It also needs to be well structured and clear so search engines can easily understand presented information and rank your page according to that.When you made sure that your content is well written and optimized it’s time to start with link building.

You should define link building strategy depending on your website niche, but if you are unsure on where to start with this there are few basic link building strategies for SEO marketing.

Website Directory Submissions

seo marketing strategies

This is great place to start. Website directories are websites that list other websites on them giving users information about other websites. On the SEO marketing aspect these are great as they provide backlinks for listed websites.

There are countless website directories where you can submit your website. When submitting your website to web directory make sure website directory has good Domain rating and is relevant to your website.

Most of them have different website categories so choose correct one and place your website there. Also it is recommended to check if website directory links are do-follow as no-follow links won’t help you in SEO.

To check this you can download any SEO plugin for your web browser.These plugins are very useful and will show you number of links on current page and whenever they are do-follow or no-follow. If you are unsure about these links or would like to know more, you can contact us.

Forum Links and Comments

Other basic link building method for SEO marketing include forums and article comments. You can find many relevant forums and blog which have content relevant to your website.

Posting your link on related articles and blogs will help you with your SEO. Again, making research on these websites is necessary before starting with link building. You need to check how relevant those websites are as well as if they provide do-follow backlinks.

Important thing is not to post too many backlinks on same website. If you have too many links on specific blog or forum those will be considered as spam and can hurt your SEO.

It is recommended to post your links in a meaningful way, as contribution to existing content. This way you can develop relationships with  web admins which can lead to guest posting.

Guest Posting

One of the most effective link building methods is guest posting.

Guest posting means you get to write article on specific topis and it gets published on another website with backlinks to your website included.Having multiple different websites backlinks pointing to your website will significantly improve your web search rankings.

Use this method correctly sticking to basic SEO rules and use keywords you wish to rank for strategicaly to get best possible SEO marketing result.


There are many marketing methods available when it comes to digital marketing. Some methods are known and tested while there is always new, experimental strategies. Some of the strategies may or may not work for specific website niches but SEO marketing almost certainly always will as it is one of the most powerfull inbound marketing strategies.

SEO marketing is one of the most powerful inbound marketing strategies. Optimizing your website for best SEO results is long proccess but overall results will bring you long term success.

Building backlinks as part of the strategy will not only bring you better SEO results but also bring you a bit of referral traffic from other websites. If you are unsure on how to start with SEO marketing you can always contact us.


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