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Elements of Good SEO Check

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SEO Check is an audit process to check all elements important for the search engine ranking. It is essential to perform this process to better understand what improvements need to be made to realize the full potential of your existing content.

There are few different elements that need to be reviewed and evaluated. As a result, the website owner gets a complete insight into what needs to be changed and what doesn’t in order to get SEO improvements.

On-Page SEO Check

On-Page SEO Check should be performed first.

This includes a detailed SEO analysis of the website to confirm whether the basic SEO rules are being followed.

Some important elements that every good SEO check must contain:

  • Website load time -slow loading websites are bad for SEO and for the user experience (UX Experience)
  • URL structure analysis -website URLs must be unique and unambiguous: is well structured, while = 312 is not correct
  • Title tags analysis – Title tag must be unique and contain targeted keywords
  • H1 tags analysis – pages should use H1 tags for headings and contain targeted keywords at the same time
  • Meta description analysis – This text is displayed in the search result under the website link. It should be written as a short description of the page content.
  • Image names and alt text analysis – Image names and Alt-Text should be written with targeted keywords
  • Google Sitemap check – Google Sitemap should be set so Google can easily understand your site
  • Microdata structure check – information on the site should be defined using to better understand the information provided.For example, if you have a webshop with products, on the product page, you will want to tell the Google what is the product name, what is product price, what is product rating and so on.

All these SEO exams should be conducted on all pages of the website. If a problem is noticed, it should be highlighted along with a troubleshooting suggestion. After these basic elements have been checked, you should switch to other SEO checks.

Content Audit

Content audit is also an important part of the SEO audit. In this process you should check how optimized written content is on the website. Even if you have already checked title, H1 tags and URL structure, you should pay attention to these details again, as some older pages may be missing.

Start with an appealing introduction to inform readers about what the content is about and which problems and solutions are explained in more detail. The content itself should be easy for readers to understand and well structured.

Long sentences and professional words should be avoided. You need to appeal to your audience and keep their attention. When it comes to SEO, check which keywords are aligned to specific pages and whether the H1 tags for the page title and header are used correctly. 

Also, make sure the page is not using the targeted keyword too many times. The number of used keywords in the article depends on article length, typically 1000 words long article should mention targeted keyword about ten times.

However, it is important to understand that modern SEO copywriting goes beyond targeting and placement of keywords. The best approach now is to write content that targets keyword alignment. Google’s algorithm update is designed to punish inferior content, so you should also keep an eye on content quality.

After the content audit has been performed, you should create a report about it. It is common to use tables for this. This should look something like this

SEO check

 The table contains

  • URL of the page that was checked
  • Page title – The title of the page makes it easier to understand which pages have been checked.
  • “To do” field – contains a list of things that need to be improved or noted if nothing needs to be changed
  • Description field – Describe why changes are required and add more information if something else Is noticed

This SEO test report informs the website operator what needs to be changed and where.

SEO Check Tools

In order to save as much time as possible, we recommend the use of various SEO Check Tools.

The best and simplest tools for performing SEO checks are web browser plugins. Below are some useful Google Chrome extensions that can be installed for free:


SEOquake is a free Google Chrome extension that can show you many useful SEO metrics for your website, including: backlinks, domain raiting, keyword density and also a full page SEO audit that loads a list for you.

seo check

Although it is a powerful and user-friendly tool, it has some limitations, since it uses data from SEMrush after some time, you need to register with them. But for the SEO check of your own website it should give you just enough data to finish your analysis.

Alt text tester

Another useful Google Chrome extension is the Alt Text Tester. Alt-Text is used on website images to describe images to search engines, making them an important part of your website SEO.

Alt Text Tester is very easy to use, open the page with which you want to test your images and click the Extensions icon in the Chrome navigation bar.

This opens a window that contains a list of all image URLs on that page, and when you hover your mouse over any image, you’ll see the Alt text associated with that image; if there is no Alt text, you’ll be shown “No Alt Text”.

We recommend that you set an alt text for all your images, or at least for those that you think are most important.

seo check

There are many more free SEO tools that you can try out. The two above have been proposed by us because they are very simple and user-friendly. 

Keyword Research

Although in many cases websites have already defined their desired keywords, these keywords should be checked for several important factors:

  • Targeted keywords could be defined a long time ago – Due to market changes, they also have to be changed.
  • Selected keywords have a very low monthly search volume, the ranking for them in the search engine will have no or little impact

These keywords have a high “keyword difficulty”, which means that many strong websites rank for them, making it almost impossible to reach the top 10 position, or it would take very long to get a place.

If you are not sure whether you have selected the right keywords for SEO, you should contact SEO experts to help you. Ideally, selected keywords should be relevant, have low keyword difficulties and a high monthly search volume.

Depending on your niche and geographic goals, the monthly keyword search may vary. Once the keyword search is complete, you need to decide which keywords to work with and which to remove from your SEO plan. Part of the keyword research is also to search for new opportunities. Therefore, it is always a good idea to add a few new keywords.

Competition Research

Another important part of the SEO check is the competition analysis. Now that we know for which keywords pages should be optimized, we need to review the competition that is already ranking for them.

The easiest way is to search for your targeted keywords in the Google search. Select some websites that are best suited for these keywords and start the analysis. It must be understandable why they are listed in the top 10 search results.

Here you need to check the page content exactly as for your website. In addition, you need to verify your domain authority and your backlink profile.

seo check  

Domain Authority (DA) is a search engine ranking score developed by Moz that predicts how well a website will rank on search engine results pages. A domain authority value is between 1 and 100, with higher values corresponding to higher ranking. . 

When you look at a competitor, compare your domain authority with yours. This will give you a better idea of how likely you are to compete with them. You can check your domain authorization with Moz Site Explorer.

The backlink profile of the participants shows you how many backlinks they have and from which pages. This gives you a good idea of how you can improve your link building to achieve a higher domain authority.


Creating a good SEO audit report requires a lot of effort, especially for larger websites. Once the report is complete, however, you will get a comprehensive overview of how and where you can improve.

The fully completed report will be your guide to how you behave and what you can change. Good preparation will save you a lot of time. If you want to get SEO for your website from experienced team, contact us


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