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  • Tailor-made system that allows the booking and payment of ships in real time
  • Integrated Mango-Pay payment gateway
  • Affiliate system with a special widget that allows affiliates to filter and generate offers for their own website
  • Blog based on WordPress-System
  • System for charter agencies


Case study

Page views
Quick search and date picker
Use of a .po file for easy translation
Keywords based search engine
Latest UX standards implemented
Search for offered charter regions

The booking system

The complete online booking system has been built from scratch. This was done in the programming language PHP or more precisely on the CakePHP framework.

The system enables real-time bookings and reservations of boats in more than 77 countries. Entire database, with more than 12,000 ships, is updated every 15 minutes.

Advanced filter options according to the most wanted terms
You can see all the images for every boat
Immediate search results via AJAX
Add ships to wishlist
A ship is reserved in real time
Automatic refresh of the entire platform every 15 minutes

Search function

Booking system has advanced filters that simplify and speed up the search. The search results are presented via AJAX, so there is no need to refresh the page when the user is using filters.

Short information about the ship combined with icons
Detailed information about the ship is presented in a table with navigation
Display of the pictures with responsive gallery
Sticky form for a no-obligation enquiry or immediate reservation

Product (the boat)

All the necessary information about the boat, which interests users the most, is located under the product / boat page. This information is located above and below the gallery. On the right side is a booking shopping cart, which allows immediate contact or booking.

Overview of the most important reservation details
One time payment or in installments
Automatic completion of the check out form for already registered users
Payment with credit cards or bank transactions
Implemented Mangopay Payment Gateway


Checkout takes place in one step, but allows an overview of all information regarding the booking as well as the possibility to log in. If the user was already registered, all information will be added automatically to complete the registration. If there is no account, this can be opened automatically at checkout and the user receives the confirmation by e-mail.

Tailored Google Material Design Lite Framework
No cache problems
Implemented schema.org on all relevant pages
Key data is obtained from CDN
On-page SEO has been implemented

Under the hood

Fully implemented Schema.org code description of the products means that Sebastus is in line with future Google search engine algorithm update. Such description of information allows search engines (Google) to contextually retrieve any information from the page and display it in the mash up mode (eg. knowledge graph).

Solutions for the needs of charter agencies as well as the administrators of the portal
Add and customize ships, details and more
Run your complete fleet with ease
Order status tracking

Admin interfaces

Admin dashboard has several interfaces. One interface allows each charter agency to run their own complete fleet on the portal and the second interface allows administrators to run the entire portal. This also includes the complete base information of all ships, attributes, marines, calendars and prices as well as the customer control and the insight in which status is the booking.



Each page created is also optimized for PC, tablet and mobile phone. An excellent presentation is important as smaller devices such as tablet and cell phone dominate more and more.

Visit Sebastus

The presentation video was created in English and is a short journey through the webpage.