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7 logo design trends for 2019.

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Every year brings out new trends in logo design. Trends reflect the individual appeal of small business or huge corporations. In designing a logo, designers must be able to recognize logo design trends because it is an essential part of the whole process.

Designer should recognize styles that feel fresh and relevant for the clients and consumers and also the whole culture. Any time we observe trends, we see the constant changing in style.

It is like a never-ending pendulum swing. It is common to see the evolution from flat logo to dimensional shapes or vice versa. Over last few years we can see the transition in using typography in creating logos.

Serif fonts are replaced with sans serif fonts. Google changed its font to a sans serif, and also other major brands like Verizon, Calvin Klein and Century 21 did the same thing.

Google logo transition from serif  to sans serif.


Serif redux and experimental typography

Many companies have their branding based on tipography,from small bussineses,as boutique shops that rely on embelished fonts, to huge corporations with stiff and bold fonts.

Many companies are trying to simplify their brand to be more appealing to the consumers. This leads to more cleaner and simpler tipographies. Company such as Chobani brought warmth and charm with their simplified serif font.

Chobani logo

By using experimental typography designers can communicate basic information in complex and meaningful ways. By doing new things with typefaces designers can develop completely new syles. Often these styles can be achieved with new artistic or photographic techniques.

Logo by Milena Wlodarczyk and Minting Li

Energetic and funky

With energetic and funky approach to designing logos there is no mistake to go bold and not holding back with your ideas. When you decide to go with that approach make sure that the message is loud and clear but still catchy and humorous. Funky style is hard to resist, and it comes in the form of bright colors, good vibeas and cute characters.

Logo by Mad Pepper and Mky

Bright colors and gradients

Use of bright colors and gradients in logo design is nothing new.Eye-popping,chroma-screaming applications like Instagram continue with this trend. But the trend is leaning toward adoption of subtlety. Majority of content we consume is displayed on a screen so this opens up the opportunity for designers to use and display color in high quality.

Color variations for logo design are literaly endless. This trend is becoming more subtle in application , transitions between colors are gentle. These gradients can indicate a transition that is made practical by a societal shift toward the RGB spectrum of digital screens.

Eagle App Icon by Mila Dayan B and Hexagon Mark by Jord Riekwel

Communication through metaphor

Year 2018 will bring metaphors in logo design to the spotlight. As the curiosity of the audience is expanding, more and more designers are determined to create logos around metaphors.

Design community has welcomed the in-depth value of metaphor utilization in their logo designs. It has become a focal point which communicates creativity. Metaphors can add more value and depth in a logo and the whole brand.

Logo designs by Sava Stoic

Geometric simplicity

Geometric simplicity is one of the most trending ways to attract you audience. This technique has gained noticeable traction by the audience despite being incredibly simple to execute. It has limitless possibilities and introduces a next level diversity to customers.

The simplicity of geometric shapes allows designers to explore and create endless number of forms and shapes. These type of logos are clean and elegant. Cleverly combined and layered elements can produce easily recreated visual mark of any brand.

Logo by Peter Culkin Sisco logo


The whole shape of parallelogram represents motion forward motion that goes up and to the right. It is the natural motion of growth and progress. Only through this symbolism parallelograms have emerged among other logo design trends.

The nature of this shape gives it a sharp and aggressive attitude. It is a perfect form for bold and „in your face“ statements and logos.

Logo by Feedmee and by TimesNetwork

Overlapping Effect

In 2019 overlapping effects will be often used in creating a stunning logo. Using vibrant colors with overlapping effect will turn each logo in ana original and eye-catching solution. Overlapping effect is an interesting method that can promote brands. It adds a meaningful elemt to the overall brand and website.

Morelia logo and  Pigeon logo


The world around us is constantly changing. That also includes logo design trends. In past several years we see rise of typography logos and use of color and gradients. All these trends are present for past several years but with every ear they evolve. In 2019 this constant change will be reflected in the branding and logo creation.

If you need help in creating a logo for your company, feel free to contact us!


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