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Why Internet Marketing is Crucial in Modern Business

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Majority of businesses today, regardless of their size, employ internet marketing methods. Internet marketing has become crucial to so many companies that budgets are rising exponentially every year in virtually every industry. In this article I’ll show you what internet marketing is, and why it’s crucial to your success as a business owner.

Things you’ll learn if you read this post to the end:

  • What is internet marketing
  • Major internet marketing channels
  • How to get started with internet marketing

If you want results for your company, you simply can’t ignore internet marketing. While traditional marketing like TV commercials, radio commercials or advertising on billboards still has its place, internet is where the consumers spend most of their time these days.

Think about it, how much time do you spend online each day? Even if you’re not really into technology, you still probably check your emails daily, you probably log in to Facebook to see what your friends and family are up to from time to time, and so on.

Average person spends more than 5 hours per day using the internet. This includes various activities, during which people can be exposed to internet advertisement. People spend around 2 hours daily on social media alone.

We’ll take a look at more interesting statistics later, but even from this information two things are obvious.

  • People spend a lot of time online
  • They are constantly exposed to advertisement when they are online

Everything from Facebook ads, sponsored content, email ads, to Google advertisement is designed to make people pay attention to certain brands. In other words, it’s all marketing – transferred from traditional channels to digital space.

What is internet marketing?

I’ll keep things short and simple.

Internet marketing is a form of marketing which uses the internet to deliver marketing messages to consumers.

In other words, internet marketing is any marketing activity that requires internet to deliver its message. It’s a set of tools and strategies used to promote a business through online channels. That’s why its also called online marketing, online advertising or web advertising.

More than half of the world’s population is using the internet. Its effects on global connectivity are enormous – people from all around the world have access to free communication and information. Internet impacts all aspects of our lives, including business.That’s why online marketing budgets are increasing year after year.

According to this survey, 70% of small and medium businesses say that that their online marketing budgets will increase. Of that group, 30% say that their budgets will increase considerably.More and more companies recognize the necessity of having an online presence (website, blog etc.) and using digital channels to reach their consumers.

internet marketing

Major internet marketing channels

There are many channels through which a company can reach its audience.

  • Search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is a strategy of unpaid promotion by trying to rank as highly as possible in search engine results page (SERP), for certain keywords.
  • Search engine marketing (SEM). SEM is a form of marketing that uses paid promotion (ads) that display in search engine results, or are placed in specific parts of various websites (banners).
  • Affiliate marketing. This type of marketing is based on revenue-sharing. A business pays an online retailer for each sale they make through his recommendation.
  • Content marketing. A cornerstone of modern marketing, it includes publishing content on a company’s website to attract visitors and turn them into customers. Blogging is the most famous example of content marketing.
  • Social media marketing. It’s a process of promoting a business through social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram etc.
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. This form of marketing is similar to search engine marketing but not limited to display ads on Google and other search platforms. For example, a common PPC channel is Facebook advertising.
  • E-mail marketing. The oldest form of online marketing, it’s all about using e-mail to directly reach customers and promote a business.

Advertising over the internet offers many benefits, and opportunities for growth. It all depends on your marketing goals. For example, you can pay for traffic by utilizing search engine marketing ads, or you can grow your traffic naturally (but more slowly) with SEO.

There are many choices to make before you can start defining your marketing strategies.Let’s see how you can get started.

How to get started with internet marketing

The first thing you have to do is to define your marketing goals. Do you want more traffic for your website and raise brand awareness? Do you want more paying customers, and you’re ready to invest in PPC advertising? Maybe you want to build thought leadership and authority with content marketing?

There are many possible ways to achieve your objectives, but you have to know what they are in the first place.  A lot of companies have trouble with defining their marketing goals, and that’s why they usually fail at marketing.

Start by analyzing your current position, and where do you want to be in one year, three year, five years and so on. Then, identify what are your concrete goals, and make sure they’re measurable.After you’ve identified your goals, it’s time to start developing your marketing strategy.

After that starting making your first online marketing campaign by using one of the channels listed above, and don’t forget to measure the results.I hope this guide has helped you understand what online marketing is, and how you can benefit from it.

If you need help with your online marketing efforts, contact us today for a free consultation. We’ll help you determined your marketing goals, and plan the best strategies to achieve them.


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