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ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is an IT system that helps you run your company more efficiently. OxiAdmin ERP system is suitable for companies of all sizes, and with its help you can manage your finances, supply, inventory, human resources, project planning, sales and many other functions. 

Today’s technology enables great business process automation that still hasn’t yet fully come to life in every company. If your company still does most of the work through several softwares, or if you don’t use no software at all, then your company is an ideal candidate to improve efficiency through the business process automation inside the OxiAdmin ERP system.

The biggest advantages of our OxiAdmin ERP software are:

  • Efficiency improvement through process automation
  • Cost reduction due to reduced amount of time needed to complete the process
  • Overview supervision of the complete business in real time
  • Artificial intelligence that helps you with decision making

Cost reduction is achieved through saving time that is necessary for the business process to be completed from start to finish. Implementing the system with individual clients showed up to 200%  time reduction in some departments. 

The biggest disadvantage of the existing systems is the fact that you have no data in real time, and in order to get the data you have to wait several days. With the OxiAdmin ERP system in place, all your business data is available to you only a few clicks away. 

Artificial intelligence can immensely contribute to your business thanks to easy pattern detection and automation of business according to those patterns. For example, we can track everything your company orders from outside suppliers and what parameters lead to that order, so we can predict in advance when a particular resource or raw material might be needed, leading to automatic reservation or order with your supplier. That way, you can cut down inventory costs by large. This is only one example of how artificial intelligence can be used, and every business has dozens of processes that AI can speed up.

OxiMed ERP Software

OxiMed automates the operative business related to outsourcing of personnel in hospitals and medical facilities. It makes tracking of available personnel easier and links them to relevant content.

Advantages of the OxiMed ERP system:

Automated hiring process 

With OxiMed, it is no longer necessary to hire an HR manager. Everything is automated so you can save your money for HR. It is even possible to easily connect employees with personnel. OxiMed saves a database of all employees and potential recruits and automatically links them, depending on availability.

Automated reports

With one or two mouse clicks you can quickly access all the necessary reports. All the reports are shown in real time, so you can track all employees.

Track all costs everywhere

Access your financial reports from one user interface. You can also start your company from anywhere. OxiMed goes with you. Full access to all the possibilities from your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Turn relationships into income

Find and connect with clients to increase sales. Use a detailed contact operating system in order to build permanent relationships.

Implementing the ERP system in 5 simple steps:

1.Research of the current situation within the company and modelling the existing business processes

Researching the current situation in your company allows us to see what the existing processes in your business are. A process is any action that has an input and an output, and can begin in several ways. For instance, when you get a new order in your company, certain processes within your company are started with the goal of completing the order.

2. Suggestions for the optimization of business processes

After we make a list and a detailed modelling of all the business processes inside your organization, we make a process optimization suggestion, that is, how to get to the output of your process faster.

3. Adjusting the OxiAdmin ERP system to the business processes in your organization

The third step is the adjustment of the modules of the OxiAdmin ERP system, with processes that are the most optimal for your particular company. No matter how complicated your business looked, it can always be translated into the ERP system.

4. Test period

The fourth step is a test period within which your employees get acquainted with the system.

5. Start of conducting work inside the OxiAdmin ERP system

The fifth step is transferring the complete company onto the OxiAdmin ERP system. 

We can track what your company is ordering from outside suppliers and why the parameter fits this order and ensures that certain raw materials are reserved or ordered from the supplier. It greatly reduces inventory costs. This is only one example of how artificial intelligence (AI) can be used in any business. There are dozens of processes that can be sped up thanks to AI. This is just an example of how the ERP system can improve your business.