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E-Mail Marketing Tips and Tricks

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E-Mail Marketing is one of the mostly used digital makreting techniques. It is one of the oldest marketing activity, but it significantly evolved over the time. If used correctly e-mail marketing can be extremely powerful weapon for digital marketing.

Whenever you are trying to send information to your existing users or attract new ones, using e-mail marketing correctly can bring you great results.

E-Mail Marketing Tools

You will obviously need some tools to start with e-mail marketing. Keep in mind that sending emails is just one element of e-mail marketing, so there are more tools needed than you may think.

Fortunately there are many e-mail marketing tools that have all-in-one solutions. Whenever it comes to mail design, statistics, multi-user accounts and different customizable reports it is all covered via these service providers.

One of the most popular service providers for this are MailChimp and SendinBlue. Selecting your e-mail marketing solution should depend on your needs.

There are few things to look at when choosing best one for you:

  • Contacts management – Check which contact import options are available and how easy is it to create contact groups and manage them
  • E-mail design features – Each service provider has a different e-mail design tool (for example drag-and-drop mail builder)
  • What will you use tool for – Check which plugins are available (for example – Form plugin for lead generation)
  • What CMS your website is using – Make sure the e-mail marketing solution has plugins for your CMS (for example WordPress plugin)
  • Statistics an metrics tracking – Check which campaign statistics are tracked (for example – mail bounce rate, opened mail rate, CTR)
  • Limitations – Each provider has its limitations when it comes to number of mails you can send per day or month

Chosen e-mail marketing has to meet these requirements in order for you to get the best possible performance from your campaigns. Off-course, there is also an option that you get the server and install one of the bulk-sending emails software but then most of the needed features won’t be supported resulting in doing many things manually.

That’s why e-mail marketing providers present their services as “marketing automation” services.“Automation” of these tools is crutial when it comes to few things. Automated features can help you set up your campaign to be sent to certain contacts groups at chosen time. This means you can create mail campaign and set date and time you wish your campaign to be sent.

Another automated feature are auto-responders, or example you can set automatic subscription confirmation message.All this small but important features will help you stay in better relationship with your users.

Use E-mail Marketing for Lead generation

Lead generation is one of the most important segments of your business. There are many tools that can help you with gathering information from visitors of your website but again, using all-in-one solution will save you a lot of time. With correct e-mail marketing tool you can set up forms for users that are connected to your contacts list on mail sender.

This is why we highlighted CMS plugins compatibility in recommended features for right tool. Easiest and fastest way to generate contact list of your website visitors is to connect tool form plugin with your website.

When visitors visit your website and decide to enter their info in the form, that info is then automatically added to your contacts list in your e-mail tool. For even better targeting you can set different forms to send information to different contacts group.

For example if form is placed on “Web design” article, users that submit information in that form can get to your “Web design contact list” while the form placed on “Internet marketing” aritcle will then send submitted user’s information to “Internet marketing contact list”. Separating your lists this way you define user’s interests.

This is then again really helpful when creating e-mail marketing campaigns because it lets you target your audience better. If you are sending newsletter related to web design, you can then choose “Web design contact list” as these people are most likely to take action.

This not only helps you with audience targeting but also saves you a lot of time. All submitted information from visitors is directly stored to your sending software list so there is no need to import them manually.

e-mail marketing

E-mail Design Tips

E-mail design is one of the most important elements of successful e-mail campaign. Having attractive designed mail is as important as having targeted audience for e-mail content. Nicely designed e-mails will get you higher CTR so take some time when designing your e-mail.

All e-mail marketing service providers have their own solutions when it comes to an e-mail design. You will notice most of them have already done-for you e-mail templates. Usually you can choose pre-made template and edit it or start from scratch.

Today it is common that those e-mail builders have drag and drop editors. Those will allow you to get attractive e-mail design done is matter of minutes. Each drag-and-drop element is editable per your linking so you can adjust it to match your website design.

E-mail Content Tricks

Once you are done designing your e-mail, it is time to write good content. You should adjust content to be suitable to your audience. This means the content needs to be understandable and informative as well as calling them to action.

Some of the most important requirements good E-mail marketing campaign content contains:

  • E-mail subject that catches readers attention
  • Easy to read description
  • Understandable information
  • Smartly written “call to action” text

So first thing you would like to do is to “keep it simple”. Don’t write too much details for your readers, you need to keep your mail as shortly as possible while not losing and of the important information.

There are also few tricks on how to increase your open-rate and CTR.If you are writing newsletter to group of people that emailed you before, you can set your E-mail subject with prefix “RE:” .

This mail will then appear in their inboxes with “RE:” for example: “RE: Web design service”. If those people emailed you before about that topic there will be very high mail open rate. Once you increase your open rate using this trick, content of the email needs to lure them to take action.Use “call to action” words for better effect like: like “take,” “download,” “reserve,” “buy”.

These are calling reader to take action without postponing. Writting effective mail content will then help you increase CTR to your landing page.Optimize your landing page in same way as you did with your e-mail. Your landing page where link from email is leading people to should match your email with similar content and design style.

If people opened your email and clicked on your link, this means they liked the email, so keeping similar content and design on capture page will increase chances for final goal completion.


Your e-mail marketing campaigns need to be professional. This is how your audience sees you so leaving good impression is important. With so many good e-mail marketing solutions it could be pretty hard to choose the right one for you.

This is why you need to consider your requirements and compare them with features they offer. If you are still unsure on where to start, contact us and we will gladly help you to build effective e-mail marketing campaign.


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