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Content Marketing Funnel – case study

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Everybody who once in their life took an economics class heard about the funnel- whether it’s the marketing or sales funnel, the purpose is the same. It’s a visual representation of the customers path on its way to making an order or conversion. In this digital age of ads and banners, a new type of funnel appeared- the content marketing funnel.

Why is content marketing so important?

It’s simple – it connects you with your audience. Content marketing is a way to create a message and keep the conversation going. In a world full of ads, content marketing helps you differentiate yourself from other companies. If a customer connects with your story, he will come back and remember your company. It’s an efficient way of creating a brand.

In this article we will talk about the 4 stages of the content marketing funnel, using our own project with Hederavita as an example.

The Content Marketing Funnel

The usual Marketing Funnel consists of three stages:

  • Awareness : People are aware of the brand and its products and services.
  • Consideration : People think about buying and the use of its products.
  • Conversion : People actually buy the product.

The Content Marketing funnel has a fourth step where you engage with the customer after the purchase. Continue reading to learn about the stages through our project with Hederavita.

The first stage: Brand Awareness

The goal is for the customer to get to know your company and the products and services you offer. To do that it is important for you to know what kind of needs your clients have, in which your company can be helpful.For example, Hederavita is a company with natural skin beauty products.

It is important that the customers are aware that the products are for :

  • babies – skin care range for sensitive skin
  • teenagers – acne treatments
  • and adults – anti wrinkle treatments.

How do they, as a company, accomplish that? With blog posts about their products. After researching what terms people with skin problems search, they write blog posts about how to treat them with their products. Also in the blog post: a description of the product and suggestion what other products can be used. Blog posts are perfect for this stage of the Content Marketing funnel.

Content Marketing Funnel
You can take it a step further and create videos, like how-tos or even webinars. The goal is to make a connection and create positive emotions that will connect the customer with the brand.

The second stage: Consideration

After a visitor gets to know your company, he/she thinks about the products you offer.

They have questions like:

  • Will it be useful for them?
  • Will it be a waste of money?
  • Will it work?

Your job is to offer content that answers these questions. How? By creating case studies, step by step guides, infographics, demo videos. In this stage of the Content Marketing funnel your customers should learn about using the product before purchasing it.

Hederavita does it with product descriptions on how and when they should be used:

Content Marketing Funnel

The third stage: the conversion / purchase

The third stage in the Content Marketing Funnel consist of the decision: to buy or not to buy? The customer is usually on the verge of buying or leaving your website. The key is to convince them to buy. How?


  • Testimonials
  • Reviews
  • Value descriptions.

Hederavita does it with the help of Instagram. By regularly posting product reviews and before and after pictures, the customer can see the results and empathise with other customers.Social media plays a big role in this stage because it gives you the option to connect with your customer. Furthermore it gives your customer the option to connect with each other.

Content Marketing Funnel

The last stage: retention

In the last stage the goal is to turn a customer into a loyal customer. It is way easier to that than to find new customers. How do you do it? By keeping them satisfied and reminding them about your products.A way to do that is :

  • customer service which includes responding to comments
  • insider how to information
  • Newsletter campaigns
  • Follow up thank you messages

Once again Hederavita uses instagram to do it with posting thank you messages and insider how to:

Content Marketing Funnel


The Content Marketing funnel helps you stand out, deliver your message and connect with your customer. Simply put yourself in the shoes of your customer and think about all the information you would need from a brand before making a purchase. Then, create your content marketing strategy and start reaching your customers, in every stage of the funnel.

If you need help in creating content for your funnel, feel free to contact us!


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