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App development

With Oxidian, your app is in the right hands

In the age of digitalization, modern communication and entertainment software play an increasingly important role.

In Switzerland, nine out of ten people have a smartphone, 60 % of people actively use a wide variety of apps, which illustrates the great relevance of the topic.

With apps you can improve your economic success by winning new customers and increasing virality. They are therefore an essential part of a future-oriented company that strives for profitable business and a broad customer base.

Our developers design and develop various apps, which are fully adapted to your individual needs, regardless of industry.

When developing your app, we distinguish between native, web and hybrid apps:

Native App

Native Apps are specially cached applications for certain operating systems, e.g. iOS or Android. These apps then only work on the corresponding device, e.g. an iPhone or iPad.

The biggest advantages offered by native apps are the connectivity between the respective devices and complete access to mobile devices.

Native applications can also be easily connected to external devices paired with the mobile phone, such as the iPhone and Apple Watch.

In addition, native apps can access any part of the hardware and use it for various purposes, such as the gyroscope for positioning.

In this context, React Native is an innovative solution. It was created by Facebook and functions as an open source framework for mobile applications. This allows the development of cross-platform native apps.

Not only large companies like Skype, Tesla and Instagram rely on React Native, but also Oxidian’s developers, who can easily build your apps using this framework.

Web App

With this type of programming, an app recognizes the respective end device and displays the content optimized for this point.

Advantage: Any device that has a installed browser can use the app.

This way, more potential users can be reached with lower costs.

Hybrid App

If there are requirements that a Web App cannot completely fulfill, the Web App can be converted into a native App using the hybrid function.

As a result, the hybrid app combines the advantages of both variants to provide an optimal compromise.

The consequences of different smartphone usage in the DACH region

In Switzerland, around 35% of people own an iPhone (iOS operating system). In Germany and Austria, however, only one in five uses an iPhone.

Since millions of people use devices with the operating system iOS or Android, it is particularly important to use a cross-system variant. In this case, a web or hybrid app.

This allows you to reach a large number of different smartphone users and increase the dwell time as well as the number of clicks and downloads of your app.

In addition, you have to pay attention to the complexity of the apps when programming. So, whether it is a simple or versatile application.

A simple program, for example, could simply display different content to the user, while a complex program offers several different functions with great added value. These are, of course, difficult and time-consuming to develop, which is why real professionals are needed.

With Oxidian you have a company that adapts the optimal app to your individual needs. Our service convinces with its fair price-performance ratio.

We always work closely with you during the development process because your satisfaction is our most important concern.